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Fifth Lucky Dragon is the project of Louis Imperiale (multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, writer, producer, engineer, and self-proclaimed fruit roll-up connoisseur).  

Drawing comparisons to Glass Animals, Twenty One Pilots, MGMT, and other electro-pop acts, Fifth Lucky Dragon blends cutting edge pop production with introspective lyrical exploration (for example: how fantasies interact with reality and how digital life affects psychology)


Behind the Name

In March of 1954, a Japanese fishing vessel set out on the Pacific Ocean. The story turned from routine to tragic when the vessel encountered the nuclear fallout of a U.S. hydrogen-bomb test, reportedly more powerful than the U.S. anticipated. Soon after returning to shore, the crew began to suffer irreparable and in some cases fatal effects of radiation. But not before they unknowingly sold the contaminated fish to people who would consequently suffer the similar fates.

Louis Imperiale came across this incident when his high school concert band played a piece called “Eternal Memoir - Saga of the Lucky Dragon.” The intensity and dynamics of the piece caught his ear, and upon looking into its background, he found the incident particularly compelling because it highlights the potential collateral impact of our decisions and actions. In this case, the effects were significantly more widespread and long-lasting than anticipated.

The name of the fishing vessel was Daigo Fukuryu Maru (No. 5 Lucky Dragon) which is where the band name “Fifth Lucky Dragon” comes from. It is intended to serve as a reminder of the story and the lessons it offers for each of us.

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