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Most of these songs explore how our fantasies interact with real life, what the future will look & feel like for both the individual and collective, and how the internet affects our psychology. My goal is for these songs to be enjoyable even if you don’t want to hear my thoughts on those topics, so I try to create appealing instrumentals and melodies to wrap the words in.


In a climate of ruthless competition for our attention the stakes for each of us to create have never been higher. It is infinitely easier to passively consume than it is to actively create. Observation, reflection, and the generation of new thoughts are inherently wrapped in the creative process which faces troubling erosion among current and future generations.


I use video creation to make sure I don’t take everything too seriously.

Behind the Name

In March of 1954, a Japanese fishing vessel set out on the Pacific Ocean. The story turned from routine to tragic when the vessel encountered the nuclear fallout of a U.S. hydrogen-bomb test, reportedly more powerful than the U.S. anticipated. Soon after returning to shore, the crew began to suffer irreparable and in some cases fatal effects of radiation poisoning. But not before they unknowingly sold the contaminated fish to people who would consequently suffer the similar fates.

Louis Imperiale came across this incident when his high school concert band played a piece called “Eternal Memoir - Saga of the Lucky Dragon.” The piece caught his ear due to its drastic dynamics and sonic intensity, and upon looking into its background, he found the incident particularly compelling because it manifests the potential collateral impact of our decisions and actions. In this case, the effects were significantly more widespread and long-lasting than anticipated.

The name of the fishing vessel was Daigo Fukuryu Maru (No. 5 Lucky Dragon) which is where the band name “Fifth Lucky Dragon” comes from. It is intended to serve as a reminder of the story and the lessons it offers for each of us.

An interesting side note: Very few people have heard of the incident, and not a single person Louis has talked to recalls hearing anything of it in school.

If you are interested in keeping up with or reaching out to the band, Facebook and Instagram @fifthluckydragon are the best ways.




(Single, 2020)

About "Phosphorus"

"Phosphorus" has two drastically different sections. The verses are driven & energetic while the choruses strip down around a James Bond-esque vocal melody.


Lyrically, it explores internet use, & more broadly, heightened connectivity. The dynamic of needing a certain level of connectivity to progress, with the potential toxicity of overuse, is something most can relate to. In small quantities phosphorus is essential for plant growth. But at higher levels, it becomes a toxin to them.




Written & produced by Louis Imperiale
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Sam Ramirez

Louis Imperiale - Vocals
Nathan Roseboom - Bass Guitar
Michael Homan - Drums

About "Asymmetric"

(Album, 2019)

Fusing elements of pop, electronic, alt-rock, 'Asymmetric' is an on-going attempt at finding symmetry between what is felt & what is expressed; a continuous battle that seems to be fought universally as a part of the individual human experience. The title ‘Asymmetric’ as it functions in the context of the album, is the condition of struggling to externalize the internal, often resulting in toxic compensations such as disguise, manipulation, & abandonment of truth.




Written, recorded, & produced by Louis Imperiale.
Recording & production took place in Louis' basement.

Mixed & mastered by Sam Ramirez

'Sam You Old Boy' performed by
Michael Homan (Drums)
Nathan Roseboom (Bass)

Cover artwork by Louis Imperiale & Emil Risk

Louis Imperiale - Vocals
Nathan Roseboom - Bass Guitar
Michael Homan - Drums

Thank you to

Summer Aebker

Tom, Martha, Nick & Clouseau Imperiale

Everyone who listens & supports this project